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Q. What is Brown Pistachio Latte?
A. This is a non-caffeinated drink made with highly nutritious pistachios (commonly known as menengichi) found in the Anatolian region of southeastern Turkey. The name Brown Pistachio Latte comes from the fact that the seeds are roasted once, which gives it a brown color, and it also has a sweet taste.

Q. Can I drink it with ice cream?
A. We recommend first dissolving the latte in hot water and then pouring 150ml of cold water.
[How to make ice brown pistachio latte]
①Pour 30g (2 tablespoons) of latte into a cup.
② Pour 20ml of hot water or hot milk/soy milk.
③Pour 150ml-200ml of cold water or cold milk/soy milk into it.
④Finally, add ice and it's done. You can also enjoy it with honey, almond milk, or oat milk if you like.

Q. I am pregnant or breastfeeding, is it okay to use it?
A. Yes, Brown Pistachio Latte is caffeine-free, so it can be consumed by pregnant women and pregnant women. If you are still concerned, please consult your doctor. Please choose carefully depending on your constitution and physical condition.

Q. I have a food allergy, can I still use it?
A. Allergen contained in this product: Milk.

Q. Can I check the ingredients and nutritional value?
A. You can check the ingredients on the product details page or the ingredient list on the product package. You can check the nutritional value by checking the nutritional information on the back of the product bag.

Q. What is the expiration date?
A. The expiration date is written on each product package, so please check there.

Q.Please tell me the volume contained in one bag. Also, how many grams do you use per cup?

A.The capacity is 160g. Use 30-45g (2 to 3 cups). Please change the number of cups as you like and enjoy.

Q. Please tell me how to save it.
A. Avoid places with high temperatures and humidity, and be careful not to transfer scent when storing.

[Handling precautions]

●The factory that manufactures this product produces products containing wheat, peanuts, oranges, and sesame seeds.
●After opening, please seal tightly and consume as soon as possible.
●There may be some shells left over from the roasted turpentine seeds (pistachio), but this does not affect the quality.

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