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high nutritional value

Native to southeastern Türkiye
About nutritious pistachios (menengichi/terebinth)


About nutritious pistachios (menengichi/terebinth)What exactly is that?

I would like to introduce ``Pistachios with high nutritional value'' right away.

​About nutritious pistachios
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Pistachios, which are highly nutritious, grow mainly in the Anatolian region of southeastern Turkey.
In addition, the commonly loved pistachio comes with a shell (pictured left),

Nutritious pistachios are already availableThe pistachio is integrated with the shell (photo on the right)).

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This highly nutritious pistachio can be harvested from small deciduous trees of the Cynos genus. The tree is also called "Turpentine Tree".A tree so historic that it even appears in the BibleIt has been with.References →Terebinth

​※ピスタシアは、カシューナッツ科、ウルシ科の顕花植物の属です。カナリア諸島、アフリカ全土、南ヨーロッパ、アジア全域の温暖な半砂漠地域、グアテマラからメキシコまでの北米、テキサス南部など、アフリカとユーラシアに自生する 10 ~ 20 種が含まれています。詳細はこちら

Also, nutritious pistachio is also known as"Menengiç"It is called. It is said that pistachios have been used as food since about 7000 BC (Japan's Jomon period). Menengichi is located in the Gaziantep region."Pistachio Coffee/Menengichi Coffee"During the war, when coffee from overseas was in short supply and could not be imported,They crushed menengichi fruit and used it as a substitute.At that time, it began by roasting the fruit, and it has a history that it began to be drunk locally as a luxury item, similar to Turkish coffee.

▼Article about nutritious pistachios (Turkish version)

About nutritious pistachios

What is nutritious pistachio?

nutritious pistachio

What is Menengich Coffee/History?

In recent years, it has attracted attention in Turkey due to its high nutritional value, with many university research papers being published. I actually met with a professor at the Turkish National University and listened to his story. I was also able to obtain the professor's paper, so next, I will write about this pistachio.About nutritional valueI would like to introduce it to you.
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About the nutritional value of pistachio/menengichi
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[Contained nutrients]

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E

Nutrients such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc.

It contains!


Oleic acid​ etc.

We are proceeding with joint development with a professor at the National University of Turkey.
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Currently Gaziantep UniversityWe are currently conducting joint development with a professor.

We are developing carefully selected products that take advantage of the original flavor of pistachio/menengichi.

We are working with the idea that we want everyone to know more about the potential of this highly nutritious pistachio.

About the product
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