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About Fease

Name Fease

Representative Yasuki Kikuchi

Location   Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture

Local factory    Turkey/Izmir, Kilis

Established          January 2022

​Business content: Imported food processing and manufacturing industry

Refugee support activities/women's employment support

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our motto
"A drink that will make the world feel relieved"

We aim to create drinks that create a cycle of ``being kind to your body and kind to the world.''Our goal is to someday bring a major industry to Turkey and enrich the lives of Syrian refugees and Turks living there.

I am working on a project that aims to create a cycle that is kind to the body and the world.

I'm here. Our goal is to bring big industry to Turkey in the future,

Our goal is to enrich the lives of local Syrian refugees and Turkish people.

My first encounter with Turkey was about five years ago. Regarding the Syrian civil wararticle

That was the trigger. The article said, ``I need help right now.''There was a message saying "Status".

 At first, I couldn't go to school.I started by getting involved in the education of Syrian children. ThereThe children I met there changed my life. 

 Approximately 11.6 million people lost their lives due to the Syrian civil war that broke out in 2011.We were forced to evacuate. Among them, approximately 3.6 million people live in Türkiye.of refugees are still living there. they are still in a difficult situationThey face the huge problem of ``refugee discrimination,'' and are unable to find work.I am in a situation where I cannot get a job.In addition, Turkey is currently facing an economic crisis, and even its citizens are unable to find work.but

There is no situation. Both parties are in a difficult situation.

"Their livesI want to support you.”

“I want to create jobs.”

And the local staff

"I want you to be filled with happiness.”

This project began with that thought in mind. We believe that by utilizing Turkey's special products, we can contribute to Turkey's economy. We are striving to create a cup that is both kind to the body and kind to the world.

​List of past projects

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Screenshot 2022-07-11 22.29.45.png
I want to spread the word decaffeinated pistachio coffee, which is good for the body, and create jobs in Turkey.
Screenshot 2022-07-11 16.23.04.png

Thinking about and studying Syria, where the conflict continues
I want to deliver learning tools to children!

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[From Türkiye to Japan] Perfect for women
I want to deliver brown pistachio latte to Japan!
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